Founder, Anita Shantaram, PhD



Ethics India is a Legasis Group company. Legasis Services was incorporated by professional lawyers in 2006 with a focus on 'Fusing Lawyering and Information Technology.' Legasis has, since its inception, become a pioneer and a trendsetter in the Legal Support Services domain.

Ethics Research and Consulting Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in June 2016. Our goal is to partner in India’s growth by facilitating and ingraining Ethics in the culture of our organisations. We want organisations to reduce their skepticism that Ethics is a cost and would like to foster the concept that Ethics pays.

ER&C aims to create an ecosystem in which all affected parties will be encouraged and guided to implement and execute a culture of Ethics through Ethical Business Practices.

Leadership Ethics displayed through ‘tone at the top’ is the key to ensure an organisation culture of integrity and respect. There is an increasing pressure on the Board of Directors to exhibit ethical leadership and protect the organisation, people, reputation as well as bottom line. The Board of Directors training in the field of Ethics is a course determined to be a solution to that.

The aim of ER&C is to take forward the findings of the research study conducted at the doctoral thesis level by our founder, Dr. Anita Shantaram. It is through research and consulting that Indian business corporates may consider incorporating the findings and knowledge about Ethics and bring them into Business Practices.


To help organisations go beyond Law Compliance and be proactive in setting up an Ethical Culture.


The thesis ‘Ethical Business Practices and Corporate Financial Performance-an Empirical analysis’ has given way to the setting up of ER&C.

The findings from the thesis have led to the creation of workshops to help organisations. The ongoing India-specific research by ER&C will help provide meaningful data to organisations and empower them to build a successful and sound organisation.

ER&C aims to be the leading provider of India-specific research in the area of Business Ethics.

ER&C aims to assist organisations in building strong cultures and helping organisations set up their Ethics office.

ER&C benefits individuals and academicians from the variety of workshops, research and certification programmes.


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