Our upcoming workshop


Tailor-made workshops for corporates according to their needs, conducted by founder Dr. Anita Shantaram herself.

1. Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional Course
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2. Train The Trainer Workshop

  • Specially-Designed Workbook
  • One-on-One Coaching post the workshop
  • Trainers with 20+ Years of Work Experience
  • Certification

3. Understanding Business Ethics

  • What is Business Ethics?
  • Dilemmas- the Black, the White and the Grey
  • Cases- to develop thinking and reasoning with regards to Ethics

4. Gender Sensitivity and Sexual Harassment Awareness

  • What constitutes Sexual Harassment?
  • How it affects your organization?
  • Identify the difference between sexual harassment and discrimination
  • Recognize correct and incorrect behavior

5. Internalizing the Ethics code

  • Cases to highlight the values of the organization
  • Linking the values and the Ethics code
  • Fun way to recall the broad areas of the code

6. Ethical practices for Organizational Success

  • Discussion of various ethical practices relevant to an ethical organization
  • Discussion of cases to arrive at an understanding of the importance of various ethical practices
  • Ranking them so that the organization can work towards its implementation

7. CSR- do right the right way

  • Benefits of a well thought out CSR activity
  • Understanding what makes for a successful CSR strategy
  • CSR in line with organization’s vision and values

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